In the realm of sound, the modular synthesizer is a remarkable instrument. With its intricate network of analog electronics, it has the power to create a sonic space that is both artificial and deeply connected to the natural world. For one artist, the modular synthesizer is a means of exploring the hidden processes of nature and existence itself.

Andreas Voccia's live concerts are a journey into sonic landscapes, where musical events occur that seem at once exotic and foreign, but also strangely familiar, as they are a reflection of the natural noises everywhere around us. The analog electronics in the modular synthesizer create organic, complex, and moving sounds that blend pitch-based and noise-based elements into a metamorphosis. Andreas Voccia creates musical coherence by carefully structuring time, activity and silence, deriving all information of pitch and movement from the analog electronic material itself. The audible events become organized sound in the sense of Edgar Varèse.

The sound space that Andreas Voccia creates is a canvas for exploration, where the boundaries of what is possible can be pushed, and the limits of perception can be challenged. The audience experiences a rich and demanding electronic music that fuses composition and improvisation in a unique way.

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