"Ars imitatur naturam" (Aristotle) - The idea that art should imitate nature has taken on a new meaning in the 21st century when we consider the latest scientific findings about the nature of our universe. What should music that imitates the phenomena of quantum states and turbulence sound like?

For 20 years, Andreas Voccia has been trying to find out exactly this and to capture the essence of an improvisational music that captures the strangeness and complexity of reality on the one hand and illuminates the poetic moments that arise when humans grapple with this concept of reality and are confronted with chaos, entropy, self-organization and death on the other.

Andreas Voccia's instrument is a synthesizer system that he has built up over many years and optimized for live performances. The modular character of the electronic components enables him to investigate precisely those electronic processes and phenomena which, due to their analog nature, are capable of generating and manipulating organic movements in electronics. Electronic oscillations serve as the basic building blocks for a complex sound architecture, which are related to each other through feedback and resonance systems. Within the overall analog system, the electronic elements influence each other in various ways, enabling mass phenomena and chaotic developments, processes that lead to vibrant and ever-changing sounds.

Andreas Voccia is a trained jazz musician and has designed his synthesizer so that he can play it like his original instrument, the guitar, while retaining full control over the musical parameters. Using sensor modules, he has developed a musical touch with his right hand that allows him to shape the synthesized sounds and place them punctually in time. The left hand controls the other electronic processes and requires constant optimization of the placement and wiring of the modules - a task that is continuously challenging outside of the live situation and raises the question of a composed instrument.

"Experīmentum" - This Latin term encompasses, among other things, the field of experience, and in this sense Andreas Voccia's music is experimental. It attempts to create an experience, both for the musician as improviser and for the audience as resonating body - an experience of a complex and aesthetic feedback process.

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