Andreas Voccia - electronics
Céline Voccia - piano

Gorgone is an avant-garde musical project realized through the artistic collaboration of Andreas Voccia and Céline Voccia. This project ingeniously merges a modular synthesizer and piano, channeling influences from contemporary classical music, Free Jazz, and the intricate symmetries observed in natural phenomena.

Gorgone showcases Andreas Voccia's mastery over the modular synthesizer, evoking the precision found in Stockhausen's works. The synthesizer's output oscillates between ethereal textures and dynamic rhythmic patterns. Céline Voccia's pianistic contributions complement this electronic landscape, infusing it with the improvisational essence reminiscent of Free Jazz.

The duo stands as an embodiment of defiance against conventional musical norms, resonating with the principles of the Avantgarde movement. The symbiotic interplay between the modular synthesizer and piano mirrors the intricate geometries prevalent in natural systems, capturing a sonic harmony reflective of the cosmos.

This project epitomizes the boundless potential of experimental music. The fusion of Andreas Voccia's and Céline Voccia's artistic visions weaves an enthralling auditory tapestry, echoing the complexity of composed organized sound, Free Jazz's expressive freedom, and Avantgarde's departure from tradition.

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