Seiji Morimoto - electronics
Andreas Voccia - electronics

Seiji Morimoto and Andreas Voccia are two artists who collaborate to create immersive electronic soundscapes that explore the intersection of nature and technology. Using self-organized electronic devices, they craft abstract soundscapes that are made entirely of pure and raw electronic sounds, with no digital processing involved.

In their live performances, Morimoto and Voccia seek to invoke artificial realities and offer audiences a glimpse into the hidden principles of process and resonance found in nature. By using electronic feedback, they create a unique and unpolished sound that invites listeners to consider the inner workings of these artificial environments.

As artists working inbetween the fields of fine arts and music, Morimoto and Voccia are interested in the power of sound to communicate and convey meaning. Their abstract soundscapes offer a thought-provoking and immersive experience, inviting audiences to contemplate the relationship between technology and nature, and the role that electronic structures play in our lives. Overall, the work of Seiji Morimoto and Andreas Voccia is a unique and compelling exploration of artificial realities and the hidden principles of process and resonance found in the natural world.

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