Andreas Voccia (formerly Kittel)
Born 1982 in Munich, Germany
lives and works since 2011 in Berlin, Germany

Andreas Voccia is a musician and video artist based in Berlin. Originally a trained jazz guitar player, he now works with a modular synthesizer to implement compositional practices from contemporary classical music in an improvisational and responsive environment. Besides his solo work, he is currently involved in several projects with musicians from the experimental and free jazz scenes. In his music he looks into abstract principles like movement, pattern, space, time, and how everything is interwoven with each other through resonance processes, in order to approach the fundamental question of the nature/essence of Reality. His main interest is to find in all the complex systems a poetic view which aims to draw out the tension betweeen the inside and the outside.

In addition to his artistic work, Andreas is also active as an educator and organizer. Together with his wife he runs the music school Klangzeit and teaches guitar and electronics there. He is co-founder of the collective Grenzdialog and co-organizer of the event series Untergrün.

Performed with

Blondy, Frederic
Borges, Sofia
Craig, Daniel
Dimitriadis, Yorgos
Dörner, Axel
Dunscombe, Sam
Frangenheim, Alexander
Hall, Sam
Heenan, Chris
Heery, Francis
Henocq, Simon
Izquierdo, Lorena
Kim, Jung-Jae
Kohn, Gido
Laju, Vincent
Lewandowski, Aziz
Marwedel, Dirk
Morimoto, Seiji
Müller, Matthias
Okuda, Rieko
Phillipp, Ulrich
Pruvost, Christian
Rubin, Ola
Schliemann, Wolfgang
Stepanov, Fyodor
Steyer, Edith
Takahashi, Marie
Tuerlinckx, Anaïs
Voccia, Céline
Vogel, Sabine


Individual Course in Electroacoustic Composition with Ricardo Mandolini 

2012 - recent
Autodidactic learning of modular synthesis

2013 - 2018
Autodidactic learning of compositional techniques of contemporary classical music with focus on composers Iannis Xenakis, Alberto Posadas and Francisco Guerrero.

2011 - 2013
Workshops and lessons in jazz guitar with Giorgio Crobu, Christian Kögel, Marcus Klossek, Jörg Schippa

Diploma program FMZ JazzProjekt (Munich) 

2003 - 2007
Lessons in Jazz guitar with Michael E. Goltz and Walter Abt

2003 - 2006
Master's degree program (not completed): Faculty of Humanities at LMU München (Philosophy, Comparative Literature, Scandinavian Studies and Theater science)