Sofia Borges - percussion
Fyodor Stepanov - bass & electronics
Andreas Voccia - electronics

The term kime refers to the latest scientific theories that explore the multidimensionality of time. In their improvisations, the trio deals with the multi-layered nature of the musical concept of time and, in addition to traditional instruments, uses preparations, extended playing techniques and electronics. This enables the musicians to examine temporal micro and macro structures in their playing and to develop abstract sound shapes. The musicians Sofia Borges, Fyodor Stepanov and Andreas Voccia pursue a processuality that creates a connection between the different time levels and sounds and thus creates musical content.

The trio KIME creates a connection between music-historical tradition and modernity through its line-up and instrumentation. Sofia Borges mixes her percussion with self-made instruments and, in addition to her highly precise playing technique, also uses unconventional objects and methods to expand her sound spectrum. In addition to his double bass, Fyodor Stepanov works with a tablet on which he runs complex self-programmed patches that transform the acoustic signal of the bass and mix it with it. Andreas Voccia has put together a modular synthesizer with mostly analogue sound generation, which he can play like an acoustic instrument with the help of touch sensors and thus act dynamically in the musical events.

The term kime also exists in traditional Japanese martial arts. There the word describes the energy that is transmitted at the moment of greatest possible tension. In the music of the trio KIME, this principle comes into play in the musical gestures, in the moments when the three musicians meet and develop a common sound, which then discharges with the greatest possible effect.

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